Shelf-life – Superthene has gas interchange properties that can result in longer shelf-life for foodstuffs such as meat, poultry and cheese. Shelf life can even be further extended using the Superthene Plus or Air range of wraps.

Healthier – Superthene contains no plasticizers that migrate into and contaminate food.  It is the only bulk food-wrap that is endorsed by a recognized cancer research body as a smart choice alternative to PVC. Superthene is suitable for microwave oven use.

Environmentally Friendlier – Superthene is fully recyclable and can fit into any post-consumer Polyethylene waste recycling stream. Its carbon footprint is considerably lower than PVC wrap.

Cost Effective – Because it has a lower density, Superthene uses approximately 36% less raw material to produce the equivalent amount of PVC film. It also has a much greater ability to stretch, meaning narrower width films can be used.

Ideal for Freezer Applications – Superthene wrap remains ductile to -120˚C,
making it ideal for blast freezer application.


1.    Superthene is tough and offers excellent puncture resistance.

2.    Superthene does not fog; offering low haze, good clarity and gloss to ensure a
visually appealing packed product.

3.    Superthene is manufactured with FDA and EU compliant materials for direct
food contact applications.

4.    Superthene is ideal for both hand wrapping and auto-wrapping machines.

5.    Superthene exhibits excellent organoleptic properties – ensuring no tainting of
       food taste or smell.